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Sortis Hospitality is an experiential lifestyle hospitality company created through the merger of over a dozen beloved NW based hospitality businesses in January 2022.

Unlike some investment portfolios, Sortis Hospitality remains owned and operated by its original stakeholders and, to the greatest extent possible, we have retained or reengaged the original founders who created these brands we love, ensuring original magic remains an integral part of our secret sauce.

As founders, we view Sortis Hospitality as a collective of like-minded entrepreneurs who share similar values around quality, diversity, and sustainability and, by pooling our resources in a collaborative way, we believe we will have a significant impact on the revitalization of Portland, Oregon (and far beyond) in a post-pandemic world.



  • Matt Jacobson

    Contributions: Sizzle Pie

    Matt Jacobsen is the pizza visionary and entrepreneur behind the nationally acclaimed Sizzle Pie, a chain of pizzerias that originated in Portland, Oregon, and has expanded to several states. With a deep passion for creating fun and flavorful pizza experiences, Jacobsen has successfully combined traditional techniques with a modern twist, earning Sizzle Pie a loyal following and numerous accolades. Under his guidance, Sizzle Pie has become synonymous with not just great pizza, but also a brand that reflects the vibrant and progressive spirit of its hometown.

  • Joshua McFadden

    Contributions: Ava Gene's, Tusk, Cicoria

    Joshua McFadden is founder of Portland, Oregon’s Ava Gene’s, which Bon Appétit has named a “Top 10 Best New Restaurant,” Tusk, and Cicoria. Before moving to Portland, McFadden helped define the burgeoning Brooklyn food scene when he was chef de cuisine at Franny’s; his other restaurant experience includes Momofuku, Blue Hill, and Lupa in New York and the groundbreaking raw food restaurant Roxanne’s in Larkspur, California. McFadden also spent time in Rome, cooking at Alice Waters’s project in sustainable dining at the American Academy. He kindled his love of soil, seeds, and seasons during two years as farm manager at Maine’s Four Season Farm, founded by sustainability pioneers Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch.

  • Soni Davé-Schock

    Contributions: Mr. West Cafe Bar

    Soni Davé-Schock is an accomplished restaurateur and the innovative co-founder of Mr. West Cafe Bar, a beloved fixture in Seattle, Washington's bustling culinary scene renowned for its eclectic mix of artisanal coffee, a curated selection of wines, and a modern café fare that has become a hallmark of the city's dining experience. With a keen eye for ambiance and a commitment to local sourcing, Davé-Schock's leadership has guided Mr. West to be a welcoming space where quality, community, and sustainability intersect. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to creating unique customer experiences have made Mr. West Cafe Bar a destination for both locals and visitors seeking a taste of Seattle's contemporary lifestyle.

  • Henri Schock

    Contributions: Mr. West Cafe Bar

    Henri Schock is one half of the entrepreneurial force behind Mr. West Cafe Bar, a destination for connoisseurs of fine coffee and wine in Seattle, Washington. His venture reflects a fusion of Pacific Northwest culture with a sophisticated European café ethos, offering patrons a meticulously crafted menu in an inviting, stylish setting. Schock's dedication to sustainability, his support for local farmers and artisans, and his keen sense for creating memorable experiences, have made Mr. West a community staple. Through his leadership, Mr. West Cafe Bar has grown to symbolize Seattle's dynamic food scene, bringing together diverse flavors and people in the heart of the city.